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Google released their yearly “search on” video. And it’s awesome.

TLDW: AI advancements are happening around the clock.

⁃ videos are being scanned and tags are rolled out as chapters, enabling people to land directly on the part relevant to their search intent

How Google understands specific terms and key words in YouTube videos

⁃ Searches with spelling mistakes will be adjusted at a much more accurate scale

⁃ Specific searches will be answered more accurately due to the ability to understand the semantics a page is about and provide better long-tail results

⁃ Broad searches – same as above

⁃ Google lens will enable adding an image of a text and then listening to it

⁃ AR advancements are taking a leap, empowering education as well as maps

⁃ Journalists studio is getting a boost via a new tool called pinpoint enabling searching resources efficiently with some strong tier-1 publishers taking part

⁃ Searching for images of things you want to buy will soon become second nature as the visual search engine continues to improve

⁃ Bonus awesome feature “hum to search” – find that song stuck in your head

What does this mean for businesses? Keep investing in quality content.

Google are constantly evolving their ability to identify what your content is truly about and just how helpful and relevant it is to what people are searching for.

The better your content, the higher you’ll rank in results. It’s becoming as simple as that.


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