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Growth Hacking Reading Recommendations Fresh From the Oven (1)


A while ago I stumbled upon a guide of 56 growth hacking resources to follow by Roy Povarchik. Prior to encountering that guide I had been following several resources and subscribed to quite a few newsletters but I didn’t have a system in place for staying on top of my game. I was playing defence rather than offence with respect to my online knowledge consumption. I’m a huge believer in routines and this guide was a missing piece in my puzzle as it helped me set one up.

I added those 56 resources to a feedly account and started visiting it daily, saving stuff I’d like to read and allocating an average of 2 hours weekly to doing so (actually reading). Recently, I’ve also added zest to my established ritual, which provides me a daily dosage of carefully curated community and AI personalized reading recommendations (the latter sentence sounds like a “message from our sponsor” but it’s not. Though I am bias in the sense that I think very highly of zest’s founder Yam Regev, even more so after interviewing him to my podcast).

In this post I’ve decided to share the top blog posts I’ve read in July that have helped me grow my knowledge and I think would be valuable to my readers. If I get feedback that this is indeed helpful, I’ll do this more often. Here goes.

How to write a welcome email and welcome new subscribers to your email list

I’m always experimenting with new welcome emails and automated subscriber workflows that help progress and qualify subscribers to marketing qualified leads. Anyone who’s subscribed to the Bold newsletter has experienced receiving an automated sequence from us. It’s proving a superb way to tap into the opportunity of people raising their hands asking to hear from you (for some of our SaaS clients we’ve taken this to very elaborate levels of personalization but I’ll leave that for an entire blog post). This article by leadpages provides great tips on how to craft that initial welcome emails, what to pay attention to and pitfalls to avoid. I learned a few new things and I think it’s a good read.

How we leverage out of the office responses to generate 42% more meetings

This post by amplemarket is actually a great example of inbound marketing done right. The guys at amplemarket provide great tips on how to turn lemons to lemonades when it comes to out of office auto responders (let’s admit that at most, sales teams typically add a task to follow up when the person they’re trying to reach returns). The post opens up your mind with actionable tips on how to take action on the spot. They explain by using their own tools (the great inbound marketing part) but it’s of course possible to also apply with other tools. At the very least, it’ll give you food for thought.


helping you navigate your startup to marketing stardom

Crafting a sales deck that sells

In a brilliantly written and structured article, Gilles DC shares golden gems for one of the most important resources of any company – the sales deck. So much has been written on the subject and this article truly stood out for me (and I’m no stranger to the topic – I’ve taken several sales courses both online and offline. As well as several HubSpot trainings and bootcamps). For the impatient readers (who isn’t) Gilles also adds a TLDR to every section of the post. I admit I initially planned on skimming and only reading those but ended up settling to read the full version. You welcome.

Is staying above the fold still relevant in website design

This one was an eye opener for me. I’ve been religious about stuffing all messaging above the fold and in this post Liz Murphy made me rethink this. She says “We may live in a world where buyers are doing their damnedest to avoid talking to someone in sales…” The major takeaway here is that people are more focused on engaging with a brand and educating themselves. They’re ready and expecting to spend time scrolling and absorbing information on your website to help them evaluate if you’re the right match for them.

Tapping into the daily habits of your readers with audio content

Ok this last one isn’t a feedly/zest discovery. Trinity Audio are a client and working tightly with them I’ve become a huge advocate of the audio revolution going on these days. In this post you’ll learn why it’s crucial to at least consider providing your readers with an audio experience.

That just about wraps it up. I hope you’ll find these content pieces as valuable as I did. If there are blogs you recommend following, remember that sharing is caring.


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