B2B Marketing News Simply Put – May 2022

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B2B Marketing News Simply Put - May 2022

Welcome to the May 2022 edition of B2B Marketing industry News Simply Put!

We are launching this new series of TLDRs keeping the mind the sheer amount of online content published. Each day. Non-stop!

If you are a  B2B  marketing professional, trying to keep up with content marketing, SEO, and social media, and also short on time, then you’re in good company.

Join me as I go through some of the most important recent insights and topics!

Google May 2022 Broad Core Update Is Live

Google announced on May 25 the release of a new core upgrade, dubbed the “May 2022 core update.” It will take roughly one to two weeks to completely implement.

There are several indications that this May 2022 core upgrade is off to a solid start. As usual, a number of tracking programs (such as SEMrush) detected significant fluctuation in the Google search results.

Check your Google Analytics and Google SearchConsole to see if there are big fluctuations on your core pages. It’s a good practice to also review what’s happening within your niche or industry, try reverse-engineering some of your findings. Apart from these, there’s only so much you can do.

If you were impacted by this update, check out the Google core update advice story. They share a general overview of best practices you can implement before and after a core update. Nothing new under the sun.

What Type of InMail Gets Best Results

The purpose of a LinkedIn research of InMail, the website’s premium messaging tool, is to determine which sorts of messages are most effective.

Between May 2021 and April 2022, the research studied tens of millions of InMails sent by business recruiters throughout the world.

The InMails most likely to generate a response within 30 days were shorter, tailored messages delivered on Mondays to “Recommended Matches” or “Open to Work” individuals.

How to Use LinkedIn to Highlight Your Brand Culture

LinkedIn has previously released a guide to effective employer branding strategies, and now it is sharing a new overview of how one company, NerdWallet, has utilized its platform to help magnify its brand values and connect with more compatible applicants.

Although there aren’t a ton of particular data insights presented here, this basic overview may be helpful in getting you thinking about how you might utilize LinkedIn and other social platforms whole reinforce your brand’s ethos and highlight your culture.

Here is the full NerdWallet case study report from LinkedIn.

B2B Buyers Consuming More Marketing Content Before Making Purchases

DemandGen has just released a report titled “2022 Content Preferences Survey Report.” According to the findings in this report, the majority of B2B buyers (42%) consume between three and five pieces of content marketing before connecting with a salesperson.

With 19% of respondents indicated they eat between five and seven pieces of material, while 11 percent said they consume more than seven pieces.

In general, the majority of B2B buyers (67%) report that they have participated in webinars over the course of the previous year, whereas just 56% admit that they have read ebooks.

It is estimated that almost 55% of buyers have admitted to reading research or survey reports, and the majority of buyers (43%) feel that this type of material format has proven to be the most beneficial when it comes to researching B2B transactions.

Wrapping up

These were some of the biggest news updates of the B2B marketing industry in May 2022. Feel free to drop a message and give a shoutout to folks we’ve missed!


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